[CLANNAD AFTER STORY] A comprehensive ending explanation.

Another Clannad post. Talk about a boring blog.

So you finished Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~,
loved it and cried with the characters tears of sadness and happiness.
…or found it utterly boring and think it’s some overrated manipulative drama.
Either way, you may have enjoyed the drama, the romance and even bits of the totally out of place comedy. But still didn’t fully understand what happened on the final episodes or what kind of sorcery was that.
You know that “Oh it was the miracle thingy and all” won’t do for an explanation so here we are.
Bellow you’ll find a list of Q&As and a timeline of the story’s events. Hopefully it helps clearing up things for you.

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Why Clannad’s [After Story] final arc is one of the most clever narratives of emotional storytelling.

クラナド アフターストーリー
WARNING> Contain heavy spoilers.

From all kinds of authors and stories out in the wild, some of them are what we label as “drama” and others “romance”.
This kind of stories usually carries a message, be it a life lesson, a tale of fortune/misfortune or even some kind of warning or criticize. Their goal is to make you, the viewer, to basically… FEEL.
However, some dramas do invoke feelings on you, but these feelings end up limited to things like “oh, that was sad” or “jeez, what a horrible person”. Apocalypse Now, for example, is impossible to watch and don’t have that sad feeling of “man, what a fucked up thing war is”.
Furthermore, there’s a kind of story that we could label as “drama/romance”. These are often called “EMOTIONAL” stories.
You’ll either love it or hate it. But if you hate it, it’s a sign that it also fulfilled its objective.
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Clannad ~After Story~ [Interpretação do final]

Orbs, Ushio, espaço-tempo, milagres… Clannad não era um romance fofo… com dangos!?
Pois é… também é! Isso mais uma vez prova como, realmente, ele tem o direito de ser um dos animes mais bem recomendados e adorados da última década.

Quando pensamos sobre o final do After Story, muita gente lembra dos FEELS e de chorar feito uma garotinha, mas ao parar para pensar sobre “o que diabos realmente aconteceu?” a resposta mais fácil seria dizer, “ah, foi o tal milagre lá” mas com certeza há mais por trás disso e pra isso que a fanbase está aqui! Solucionando os mistérios os quais você nem liga! Heh.
Como um bom fanboy, organizei o texto a seguir a partir da minha própria opinião e de outros sites (fonte no final), claro que você pode não concordar. Feedback sempre bem vindo!
Para facilitar, pense em um LOOP. Os que assistiram Haruhi talvez se lembrem do infâme “Endless Eight”, é mais ou menos a mesma ideia… Só que sem a Mikuru.
Ou, talvez mais facil até, pode-se pensar no loop de Higurashi. Também, o mesmo esquema.
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