Cringeworthy AMVs

Self-explanatory title.

AMV.: Short for Anime Music Video made by splicing anime clips to compile them together and publish. Depending on said anime, the video will generally be made by:
1. A glomping fangirl who wish to dedicate their love to their favorite anime character through video
2. A small child who thinks just slapping random Pokémon clips to Linkin Park makes it über-cool (which is wrong in many ways)
3. A casual video editor who puts some average time (and even a little bit money at times) into a normal, fan-made video featuring their favorite music
4. A contest fanatic who still remains behind the border of average anime fandom that puts a great amount of time into the process

I’d suggest you open them on YouTube, since the quality here sucks.

Guilty Crown ~ Inori Song.

EVANGELION, Neon Genesis. ~ We’re The Monsters

Hibike! Euphonium ~ Kitauji plays LoL’s URF Theme.


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