“I’m not good at introductions…”
So, let’s make it like a Q&A …because I doubt more than …five(?) people will read this anyway.

Why am I reading stuff in English but also in Portuguese!?
Because I’m a ESL kiddo that writes stuff for both EN-US and PT-BR sites and blogs.
Deal with it.

What is this blog?
Honestly, it’s a place to store my grumbling writing and occasional anime reviews.
I used to write and post everything at MAL, but that “community” is just going downhill for the past 6 years.

Why is the domain address FakeMoriSummer and the blog title BasedShinjiSays!?
Because I thought both would be comical names from this, and in the end I couldn’t choose between them.
I also considered “Shinji and his mug” but gave up on that.

Are you a fan of Shinji or Nibutani?
No and yes.
Nibutani was awesome during the 1st season of Chuu, but then KyoAni fucked up her character at the 2nd season.
And for Shinji,
Meh, no. He’s a fucking dumb bastard.

Where else can I find you?
I have “anime-related” accounts on MyAnimeList.net and DeviantArt.
(link to them on this blog header)
Don’t expect replies to messages sent there, though. I only used those as storage/backlog.
Also as any self-righteous mildly intelligent anime watcher with questionable self-respect, I lurk a certain clone of a Mongolian picture board about Chinese cartoons whose cuck creator recently sold out to Hiroshima Nagasaki.

Seeya, space cowboy.


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