[Spice & Wolf] Lawrence’s finances (anime ver.)

Here’s an interesting post –damn, I’m using the word interesting quite too often recently-
Ehh… Here’s an curious post that I put together back when I still used the defunct MyAnimeList “Blog” function. I was rewatching the anime series of Spice & Wolf and decided to write down all the numbers they mentioned.
I’m making sure to give especial note to the fact this is anime only data because (for better or worse) Hasekura-sensei, in many occasions, didn’t bother making note of them in the novels. This leads to a contradictory amount of coins/profit at the end on the anime and its respective novel counterpart.
Still, it’s an interesting cash flow and I had lots of fun making it.

Spice & WolfSeason 1, 2
Lawrence expenses and gains.
(excluding copper coins, meals, drinks, minor taxes, etc)
For reference: 1g = 35s | 1 silver = 7 days of daily expenses
[All gold in Lumione coins, silver in Trenni coins]

Beginning of the 1st season.

Starting on-site balance: = $0

– 1 silver (Apples)
– 10 silver (Coins scheme intel)
+ 210 silver (Fur exchange)
+ 1120 silver (raw. Split into pepper and gold coins)
– 140 silver (Holo’s purchases)

End of the first arc.
balance: = $179 silver [+ $1000 silver worth in pepper].

– 7 silver (clothing)
– ~2 silver (due to the trick to buy the above)
+ 1000 silver (sold the pepper)
– 50 gold [AT CREDIT from Latparon Trading] for 25 high-grade armor (worth 100 gold total)

> -2 armor pieces for tax
> 1170 silver =~ 33 gold
on-site final balance: = -$17 gold in cash

On the meanwhile…

> Armor market collapsed
> Lemerio went bankrupt
> Latparon transferred the debt of the armor to Lemerio.
> Lawrence is now in debt with Lemerio by 47 and 3/4 gold. [2 days deadline]

+ 3 and 2/7 gold (borrowed)
+ 130 gold (from gold smuggling aftermath)
– 20 gold (Nora’s payment)

> Paid debt
> Sold the “50 gold in the course of 10 years from Lemerio Trading” contract for the Guild.

End of the first season.
Final balance: = $96 gold

Second Season:
Starting balance = ~$96 gold [A bit less than it, actually. Due to purchases and all]
Irades to Trenni silver conversion: 37.5 : 1
Trenni silver to Rimmer gold conversion: 21.4 : 1

+ 14 and 3/4 gold [IN CREDIT] (sold Nails)
– 14 and 3/4 gold (purchased Fool’s gold with the credit)

> 500 silver (14, 3/4 gold) worth of Fool’s gold (Sold in CREDIT to Amarty-san) [To collect the day before]
> Market average at deal day: 800 Irades each piece. Original price: 10 Irades

+ 300 silver (14 Rimmer gold) [Sold the credit contract to Amarty]

! Not taking in account the amount spent buying neither selling Fool’s Gold. However, that undoubtedly led to some profit.
! For example: 250 silver (bought Fool’s Gold from another Marc’s customer)
Considering a profit around 10%, 25 silver was earned from it.

End of 2nd season 1st arc.
Final balance: = $105 gold / Estimate: = ~$125 gold

Second/final arc.
Starting balance: = +~$125 gold

> After all the after-plays of Eve’s plan, 60 gold in cash were obtained, however it didn’t stay in Lawrence’s hands.

Final estimate anime balance: = $124 Lumione gold coins
This corresponds to 4,340 Trenni silver coins, twice the amount needed to open a shop and a comfortable amount to start business as a town merchant.


Light Novel section~
(worth-mentioning events and the inconsistency mentioned on the beginning of the post)

– 20 silver (Acquired Tote Col)
Bought the receipts from Col and he started traveling with them.

+ large sum of trenni (Side Colours II)
Set up a business partnership with the village they found on their road to Lenos.

+ larger sum of trenni (Narwal rhapsody)
Acquired an undefined amount of money from the Narwal negotiation.

+ EVEN larger sum of trenni (Wolf Bones incident)
Acquired an undefined -but supposedly HUGE- amount of coin after dealing with the biggest trading company on the world against the Winfield Abbey and its possessions.

“He’d lately begun thanking the heavens for his fortune, which now included seventeen-hundred Trenni silver and an unbelievable network of contacts. Altogether, it was hardly a dream for him to buy the building, stock, and hire employees.”
-Volume 15, page 66.

Someday, when YenPress finishes with their official translation and I end up re-reading all the 17 novels (which I plan on doing anyway), I’ll probably make one of this for the novels but, as said before, I’m not quite sure it will be as accurate as this one is. Mainly because Hasekura-sensei didn’t bother with the math.

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