The Mandatory Newbie Anime Pack

[OLD CHART! Still working on the updated version]

~The Mandatory Newbie Anime Pack~

Few considerations about it…

1- Series are in decrescent order of importance.
Yes, it means I consider the first ones to be the best.
    ┗[1.1] Exception to the item above: Romance and Psychological.
In both, all series are great.

2- Last row reserved for recent series, doesn’t necessarily means it’s worse then the older ones.
3- Series that have more then one strong genre are tagged under the one that stands out.
4- I added the “Deviant” label for series that excel in any genre. TV Series/Movies/OVAs/AMVs, hidden gems and above-average.
    ┗[4.1] Dokuro-chan is an exception. It’s there for its mediocrity.
“It’s so bad that it’s good”.

5- Series with more then 100+ episodes demand a lot of commitment, only watch if you’re sure about it.
6- There is no separated column for SpaceOpera neither Sci-fi. Series from these genres are mixed inside Psy, Mystery, Mecha and Adventure.
7- Most of the series listed here have some sort of sequel/side-story that is worth watching as well.
    ┗[7.1] Haruhi’s Endless Eight (2nd season) is an exception to n. 7
    ┗[7.2] FMP? Fumofuu! is already a spin-off from FMP. Both are in the chart.

8- If you consider yourself as a Drama/Romance fan and haven’t watched Clannad/Kanon/Air yet… Do it now.
9- Most of the Slice-Of-Life are “Cute girls, doing cute things, in a cute way”.
    ┗[9.1] Bartender, Kannagi, GTO and Haruhi are exceptions.
    ┗[9.2] Yes, K-ON! is not here.
Instead I added TariTari, another highschool music oriented story.

It’s too large to fit here… open in a new tab if you wish.

Feedback greatly appreciated!



  1. Hi there!

    Its biased but I think Non Non Biyori would be a good addition to slice of life, kept me sane when I was about to lose my shit at work lol

    Hoping for your kind consideration


    1. Great reminder! I’ll sure add it.
      I’m actually working on a chart revamp. It’s been a damn while since I made this one and it’s unquestionably missing a lot of stuff.
      Nyanpasu is one of the best “healing series” I’ve seen, top tier with Haibane Renmei.


  2. Hey !
    Interesting list ! Of course, I don’t fully agree with it, as no one has the same tastes, but there are a lot of good choices here. I watched most of them (except sports anime, but that’s because I don’t like sports anime) and my top 5 anime are in the list.

    I’m not sure what the goal of this list is, but if it’s supposed to be a list to give ideas to someone who almost never watched anime, I think entries like Lucky Star and Pani Poni Dash are unwelcomed as you wouldn’t get most references without having a small background of japanimation. I love Lucky Star though! (And no, not Pani Poni Dash… couldn’t force myself to finish this boring series).

    Also, Infinite Stratos? Seriously? I thought you had good tastes ='(
    Finally, Nichijou would be a nice addition.

    Thanks for reading =P


    1. Hey! Sorry for the super delayed reply. Heh, I totally forgot about your comment.
      So, yea, I’m not sure if it’s mentioned on the post, but this is a very old chart and I’m currently working on a better version, more focused and self-explanatory.
      The original idea was to come up with a list for any animu watcher from “newbie” to “average-casual”. Those are series that one should at least know of in order to accumulate medium culture knowledge and have at least some base standards while watching new stuff. That’s also why PaniPoni and LuckyStar are there. While they might shove some new viewers out (I mean, 5 episodes about food and cookies on LS?) they unquestionably set the bar for the following SoL series.

      Nichijou will be on the update. Rest assured.
      Oh, c’mon, Infinite Stratos is like Kaze no Stigma! The pinacle of mediocrity! It’s like watching Pokemon on a raining afternoon.
      It’s bad, you know it’s bad, but you still watch and laugh with it.


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